In addition to our outstanding line-up of products, we are educationally driven offering a wide range of classes that enhance every aspect of the business. We always put our clients first and are poised to help you become more profitable.
During the early days of Salon Centre Yukon we were determined to create a company with a heart and a conscience, one that would continually deliver value to our clients.
We value all the relationships with our clients. We strive to help you take your business to the next level by tailoring a plan that supports your goals and business aspirations. Our ongoing success will be measured by our ability to build these relationships.
We are committed to increasing awareness and investing back into the beauty industry and investing back into the community. We sponsor many hair events as well as charity causes.
Salon Centre Yukon is passionate about environmental responsibility. We currently recycle 95% of our business waste. To sustain the quality of life on our planet it is essential to embrace green business practices.
Each year we learn more about what it means to be environmentally responsible. We are Green Circle certified and all of the waste from our education events are recycled.
John Parry
Salon Centre Yukon